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GIve a memorable gift to your guests by inviting Sandra to get the party started. It's a great way to break the ice after dinner and get your guests involved in the party and moving! Sandra is a professional performer and entertainer with more than 15 years of experience. Audiences of all ages will be delighted with authentic costumes and traditional music from the Middle East. Sandra’s speciatlies include complex, crisp zill-playing (Arabic finger cymbals), sword and candle dancing, and dramtic veil dancing. If you would like to see Sandra perform live before confirming your booking, please see her schedule of performances for weekly shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not able to make it to a show? check out Sandra's YouTube Chanel.

To book Sandra for an event -
CALL Sandra at 415.305.0316 or EMAIL Sandra at

Please be ready to provide the following information:
1. Date, Time, and Location of your event
2. The type of show preferred

Some popular choices include:
Bellygram ~ Classic Bellydance Routine ~ Performance & Lesson ~ Bellydance Duet or Trio

book sandra to bellydance
$200 - $250 (10-15 minutes)
This is a short performance of between 10-15 minutes. It's ideal for small events and for audiences who may not be familiar with bellydancing. I've done this performance for many lunch-time and office parties, where time is limited for the event. it gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy live entertainment but still make it back to their desks to continue the day.
Classic Bellydance Routine
$300 - $400 (25-45 minutes)
This is the original bellydance performance, broken into sections of performance and audience participation. We begin with a traditional 3-part Arabic bellydance Performance consisting of an grand entrance with veil and finger cymbals, followed by a shorter taxim (or slow and sensual) section, and ending in an exciting and engaging drum solo, where the dancer's movements interpret the dynamics of a drum song. The performance section can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and the remainer of the time is spent getting audience members up to dance and involved in the fun. Sandra is a pro at getting even the shy ones out of their chairs, with over a decade of experience in enticing reticent party-goers to get involved.
Combo Performance and Lesson or Performance and Talk
$300 - $400 (30 - 60 minutes)
Never seen a bellydancer? Always wondered where bellydance comes from? Sandra is fully prepared to make a short presentation about the fascinating and surprising history of bellydancing. It can add context for your guests and they walk away with a deeper understand and appreciation of the dance form and of Arabic culture and history. You can learn AND have a great time dancing! If you're interested in trying the dance with your friends, Sandra can bring hip scarves for everyone and give a fun group lesson, guaranteed to get everyone moving. This is a pupular option for wedding and baby showers, mommy's nights out, and kids parties.
Book Sandra for the Evening
Need a bellydancer at your beck and call for the entire evening? If your entertainment plans don't fit into one of the prescribed categories, you can hire Sandra by the hour or for the entire day or evening. This is often necessary if your event takes place on a boat, for example. Please ask about block rates.
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